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A-TYPICAL Urban Vision
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A-TYPICAL Urban Vision by Elisabetta Riccio

This fanzine recounts an intercontinental photographic journey that spanned 10 years and seven countries. From Mexico to France, from New Jersey to Tel Aviv, from the lands of the Navajo to Italy, it tells the story of old buildings, hidden places, changing landscapes as distant as they are similar to each other, where the transformation of the contemporary landscape is the protagonist.

Her “atypical gaze” lingers on the changing architecture of those urban landscapes that were once inhabited by man and then abandoned: the twisted structural framework of dilapidated buildings, the crumbling edifices of old factories, iron and cement glimpsed through the lush profusion of nature.

through the words written by Claudia De Giorgis

limited edition of 200
40 full-color pages
printed on usomano paper

Dimension: 16,5×23,5 cm
Price: 20 euro
Year: 2020

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